Meeting Manager

by Matthew Dally

About Meeting Manager

About Meeting Manager

Meeting Manager is a Windows-based application designed for the Jehovah's Witness organisation

to play songs and record public meetings for those visiting the local congregation.



Basic Process

Install the fonts needed for the program

Download Fonts

Download the installation program for Meeting Manager

Download Program

Then follow the prompts to select the folder locations and start using.


Step by Step

Please make sure you are logged in as an Administrator on your system before installing the program.

1. Download the fonts needed for the program

Download Fonts

2. Extract the font files from the zip file to their own directory

3. Right-click the two font files and click Install to add the Font Awesome and Glyphicon fonts to your system

4. Download the installation program for Meeting Manager

Download Program

5. Run the program (setup.exe) that was downloaded

6. An Application Install - Security Warning message may appear. Click on Install to start the installation

7. A Windows protected your PC message may appear. If so, click on More info, then Run Anyway

8. When finished the program will be installed and will start automatically. On the first run, it will go through the setup information

By default, the program location will be C:\KingdomMelodies

9. Either set the Application Directory or accept the default directory and then click Next

10. Either set the Music Directory or accept the default directory and then click Next

11. Either set the Orchestra Directory or accept the default directory and then click Next

12. Either set the Recording Directory or accept the default directory and then click Next

It is possible to setup the program for phone call hookup if need be.

13. If your local congregation uses the phone hookup and you would like to control the dial out and hang up from the program, click Enable. Otherwise, click Disable

13. a. If you selected Enable, enter the Port Details for communication over either USB or COM port.

13. b. Enter the phone number to call for the phone hookup.

13. c. Enter the time for the message between the phone number and the conference number (usually 6 or 7 seconds)

13. d. Enter the conference number including the # symbol

Alternatively, leave all the fields blank and click Next to use the default values

14. Enter a password for the settings screen. Enter it again for confirmation and then click Next

To convert the recordings from WAV to MP3, the program uses Lame for Windows (v3.99.3). This program is included in the distribution of this application

15. If the intallation of Lame_v3.99.3_for_Windows.exe appears, click Yes. Then step through the installation of LAME for Windows. Take note of the installation folder as this is required for the next step

The program should now be installed on your computer and you will soon be able to start using it

16. Click on the Settings icon. (This is the purple gear icon in the bottom right corner)

17. Enter your password and click on Ok

18. Under the Directories section is the LAME location. If the location listed (by default, C:\Program Files\Lame for Audacity) is not where LAME for Windows was installed, please change the location by clicking on the button to the right of the field, navigating to the folder where LAME was installed to, selecting lame.exe in the folder and clicking OK. When done, click Save.

Before the program can work, the songs for the meetings need to be in the system. If the songs do not exist in the Music Directory, then the program will download all of the songs in the background. This may take about an hour.

That's it. It should all be done. You can now start playing songs and videos, recording meetings and go to the JW.Org website from within the program.

A user guide will be provided soon on each of the aspects of the program, however, if you need further information, please contact me using the details listed below.

User Guide

User Guide

The following PDF document is a step by step guide to install and explain the features of the program.

User Guide


Which versions of Windows will the program run on?

This current version should run successfully on any Windows 8 or 10 computers.

What programs do I need for the audio recording?

We have included an open-source program in the installation software that will convert the WAV recordings of the meetings into an MP3 format.

Can the audio recording be in any other format?

Not at this time, but if you would like it in another format, please contact me using the contact details below.

Is there an Apple version?

No, only Windows at this time. However, there is plans to develop the software for both Apple and Android tablets and phones for those congregations that do not have a Windows computer.

Does it cost anything to run this program?

No. That said, this is a side project to my other business and so development and changes to the program may not come as quickly as required.

I do not have a microphone input on my computer. How do I record meetings?

It is possible to purchase a USB device with a microphone jack. If you need further information on this device, please contact me using the details below.

How much space do I need on my computer?

Not much. The program will only store recordings of meetings for three months. Any recordings prior to that time will automatically be deleted by the program at the first meeting of each calendar month.

Coming Soon

Timer Control

An android application that can be run on a small 7' tablet that allows the sound department to display messages and a countdown timer for the speaker.

Audio/Video Streaming

Using a tablet or camera, run a video stream of the meetings to external devices for others to be able to view the meetings from a remote location when they are not able to be at the meeting in person.

Likewise, using the existinga audio setup, stream the meetings to external devices for others to hear the meetings.

Automatic Meeting Setup

Most weekly public meetings and special events follow a similar format, an advanced section will allow the user to specify which type of meeting is taking place and all the songs and meeting parts will be pre-allocated in relation to the times for each part. This will also allow the sound department to have any video/audio presentations pre-scheduled or added to the meeting without any additional complication.